About the TideWatch Ocean Suites

On the Quiet Side of the Acadian Ocean Shoreline

Welcome to Quietside

We are a small, family run motel located just outside of Southwest Harbor on the ‘Quietside’, removed from the boisterous atmosphere of Bar Harbor. The ‘Quietside’ is the less commercialized and more family oriented west side of Mount Desert Island. We border one of the more serene entrances to Acadia National Park and offer comfortable, clean lodging with an engaging breakfast every morning. Protected by the solitude of the park, we are still in a convenient location, situated three miles from both Southwest Harbor and Bass Harbor restaurants and services.

This area offers many activities for those who love the outdoors. Four national park trails can be found within three miles of the motel, each offering a unique and accessible experience. Three trails wander gracefully through the woods and along the coastline, displaying diverse tide pools, birds, and wildlife. The fourth is a wooded trail suitable for bird watching and bike riding.

Cross the road from the Motel and relax on the pink granite rocks of the seawall, where the ocean has chiseled the coast. Enjoy the parade of sailboats, lobster boats, schooners, and tour boats as they traverse the Western Way, the main entrance to Southwest Harbor. Indulge in an afternoon barbeque at the National Park’s picnic area, a 1/4 mile down the road. Watch the sun set as you sit by a campfire and roast marshmallows or play games at one of the Seawall’s picnic areas.

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is three miles down the road at the entrance to Bass Harbor. Though not open for tours, the lighthouse offers two different paths to access the grounds and the scenic overlooks. It also includes buildings from it’s original construction nearly 200 years ago. Still in operation, the red light makes it one of the most photographed lighthouses in the United States.

Dive into this unique landscape and become familiar with birds, tide pools, stars, and plant life by joining one of the Acadia National Park Ranger Programs. Lectures and field trips are offered across the pond in the Seawall Campground’s Amphitheater. Allow a Ranger to guide you and your family through the delicate balance of a tide pool. Stay up late and witness the graceful ballet of the stars. Schedules of programs are listed in the Beaver Log, a park newsletter available in our office.

The Seawall Motel is in one of the few areas in the world where 5 eco-systems converge in an array of plant life, wildlife, and landscapes. Species include bald eagles, common warblers, a variety of seagulls, eider ducks, wood ducks, mallards, harbor seals, river otter, beaver, porcupines, pitcher plants. bladder wort, sundew, ladyslippers, and lupin. You can view this spectacular blend of nature simply by stepping out of your room.

David and Vickie Lloyd, Proprietors